VP Student Affairs

At ANUC, we believe that education and development extend beyond the classroom and that it happens wherever you are. Most of our students live on campus and are members or leaders in multiple clubs and organizations, creating an active campus life and vibrant residential community.
The door is always open for you to shape a residential community that encourages and supports individual expression and collective responsibility.
Explore the city. Embrace the neighborhood. Make our campus your home.

The University has library facilities on each campus with access to both the physical and online resources. The digital library contains subscriptions to a number of electronic information resources which provide access to over 40,000 journals and research poblications.

Student Engagement is committed to building a strong sense of campus community, helping students enhance their leadership skills and engage in their communities, and to explore the co-curricular opportunities available at ANUC. We forge a sense of community by providing opportunities for social interaction and student participation in campus and community life. We are part of a team of advisers who together work to support many of the student organizations on campus.

Whether you are looking for advisement with running your organization, planning an event, organizing your organization's financial records, starting a student group, or if you just want to brainstorm, the staff is here to support you. We also provide student organizations with invaluable resources. Advisers are available to assist in your development as a campus leader as well as to support student organizations in their particular objectives. The Student Engagement staff, our programs, and the student groups across campus can help you become a part of campus life.

First Impressions

The Vice-President's Office (Student Affairs) is responsible for all matters concerning students and their welfare. It is also responsible for all programmes and extra-curricular activities. The office also concerns developing students through: career development programmes, sports, entertainment and more. The Students Representative Council (SRC) and all other clubs and associations at the University are supervised by the office of the Vice-President (Student Affairs). He or She is responsible for the general discipline of students in and out of the University.

ANUC students come from all 10 regions and over 30 countries around the world to live on our new campus situated outside Koforidua. More than 55% of ANU undergraduates live on campus all four years. We truly believe that education does not begin and end in the classroom, and ANUC's commitment to its undergraduates is inherently linked to every aspect of their life on the campus. The extraordinary resources here provide the support and tools necessary to explore and construct their future pursuits; most notable is the Student Affairs office which welcomes and integrates freshmen into the All Nations University family from acceptance of admission.

Your Opportunities

The first-year experience at ANUC is driven by the celebration of the extraordinary talents of the diverse students, faculty and associations that attract excellent speakers, performers and scholars from around the world. Whether it is listening to a prominent speaker, singing in your first a choir song, playing sports, volunteering with the WDC or participating in one of the life transforming ANUC Church services, the campus is filled with opportunities to explore new passions, engage with an energetic community and simply put, have the best experiences.