The 2018 Global Business Insight Awards celebrate business leadership, innovation in finance and investment and sector success across all seven continents of the world, and, All Nations University College has been selected as Best Higher Educational Institution 2018.


These annual awards are an exact illustration of the very best this essential and competitive industry has to offer. By concentrating on individuals, teams and organisations from a wealth of disciplines from CEOs to Young entrepreneurs, large corporations to sole traders, best procurement to best innovation and everything in between, GBI awards endeavour to identify and celebrate those who fall within the Business Insight umbrella, whilst not forgetting the advisors who helped them get there!


Dr. Samuel H. Donkor’s leadership stands apart through his unmatched thirst for innovation and development of Africa and the World as ANUC’s President & Founder.


 ANUC receives Best Higher Educational Institution 2018


Using our far-reaching and intense research process, we ensure a selection of only the elite for our prestigious honours, and this year, All Nations University College is the exclusive and only Best Higher Educational Institution 2018!