We always focus on improving our support and delivering the best service possible. We noticed a problem with the Email Server last week on Friday and re-installed our core app and continue to service requests until today, when we decided it was causing problems again and we knew it was time for an upgrade. So, we moved to the cloud. That means you can always access the Helpdesk from your device, wherever you may find yourself physically. No more queues, no more downtime.

But we also acknowledge there is a slight change in the UI and we apologize for the inconvenience, however, we believe it is a much simpler way to request and receive help. To mitigate that, we put together the list of steps and pictures to help you figure your way around the Helpdesk. In the meantime, feel free to send your suggestions and observations to it@anuc.edu.gh. We rely on your feedback to improve our service.


Here’s the address: anutechs.on.spiceworks.com/portal


1. Open a browser and go to the portal link:

anutech helpdesk link



2. Once it loads it looks like this:

welcome page anutechnologies helpdesk


3. Enter your email ID and click Submit.

enter email id helpdesk



4. A login link will be sent to your email. (Each login link is valid for maximum 20 minutes)

login link sent



5. Check your email and click on the link you just received:

email login



6. Voila! You’re in…On the left side you have the ticket form and on the right side you’ll see your requests.

dashboard helpdesk


7. Here’s a dummy ticket:

dummy ticket



8. That’s the ticket you just sent. Replies between the Admin and yourself on this ticket will appear under the Activity heading:

ticket dashboard



9. You can toggle between Open and Closed tickets. (A ticket can be either open - Admin is yet to respond, or closed - Admin responded)

ticket toggle



A few things to keep in mind:

• We’ll close all tickets when we finish working on it so you don’t have to worry about that.

• Open a new ticket once your ticket has been closed. (Once we close a ticket, it’s final and even if you send us a message on a closed ticket, we cannot see it again.)

• Please don’t use CAPS…even when you’re angry. Our PC’s scream at us when they see caps.

• Please use a dash “-“ instead of a colon “:” with your MAC Address; it helps us process your ticket faster.

• If you can’t find a ticket, check your mail or toggle between Open and Closed tickets. But don’t reply to closed tickets. Always open a new one.

• We hope you have a better experience and wish you a wonderful semester.

Kind Regards,

The IT Team.