Henrietta Oware

All Nations University has two fully stocked libraries on each campus, with a physical stock of over 47,500 volumes of books and over 5000 electronic resources that cover all courses offered by the University. Supplementary materials include Encyclopedias, Telephone Directories, Handbooks, CDs/DVDs, Periodicals and a selected list of reference books.

The University has library facilities on each campus with access to both the physical and online resources. The digital library contains subscriptions to a number of electronic information resources which provide access to over 40,000 journals and research poblications.

Newspapers, international & local magazines, and other periodic publications are available on a daily basis.


Monday - Friday
8:00 am to 10:00 pm
9:00 am to 6:00 pm

The Online Collection

With access to over 20 different scholarly journals and databases, the Online collection provides a comprehensive list of resources that are available to students, faculty & staff throughout campus using the University's network (LAN and Wi-Fi).

The Physical Collection

With more than 47,000 volumes, the physical collection covers more than 25 different areas and subjects ranging from Theology to Business, Engineering, Political Science and Law among many others. As the University is planning to expand its library, the masterplan for a new library at the Main Campus has been finalized and it is estimated to house more than 100,000 volumes and offer the latest services and facilities to its users.

Library Sections

The University Library provides the following services classified as follows:

  • Acquisition and Technical Section: Ordering of Books, Accessioning, Classification and processing of books.
  • Reference Section: Contains Encyclopedias, Year Books, Directories, Handbooks, and Subject Reference Books.
  • Periodical Section: Journals, Magazines, Newsletters, Newspapers.
  • Circulation Section: Registration of Memberships, Issue and Return of Books.
  • Project Work Section: List of Project Work arranged subject wise available for reference use only.
  • Digital Library Section using DSpace Software.

Online Resources

The University Library is currently subscribed to the Consortium of Academic Libraries in Ghana (CARLIGH):

Library Rules and Regulations

Library Admission

  • All students must present a valid ID Card upon entering the Library and may be allowed admission into the library except in cases of intoxication or misconduct.
  • Access to the University Library is restricted to staff, students and alumni of the University who are in possession of a current valid Identity Card issued by the All Nations University, and to such other persons as may be authorized by the Librarian. ID Cards are not transferable.
  • Silence must be observed at all times in the library premises
  • Eating, drinking, spitting, and/or sleeping, are strictly prohibited.
  • Purses, handbags and backpacks or similar containers, are not allowed into the library.
  • Cell phones must be switched off at all times.

General Library Rules

  • Bags must be deposited with security at the entrance and a tag will be given as a receipt. Valuables must be removed from the bags deposited. However, such items are deposited at owners’ risk, and the librarywill not assume responsibility for any loss or damage to these personal items. The University is not responsible for any stolen property left at the entrance of the library. No seat shall be reserved by or for any reader. Any seat so reserved shall be cleared by library staff for use by others.
  • No seat shall be reserved by or for any reader. Any seat so reserved shall be cleared by library staff for use by others.
  • Library staff must inspect all items taken out of the library.
  • Library users cannot enter staff offices except by invitation.
  • Students must return books to the Library before borrowing period runs out.