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Amazing minds who are set on providing superior teaching and learning at ANU, the Faculty combine years or experience and innovation that create new paths and encourage students to excel in their work. Their dedication towards constant discovery and innovation leads students to embrace our key values and use them long after they graduate.


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Faculty Development Programme

All Nations University College anticipated the importance of Faculty & Staff Development as a fundamental block in the overall effectiveness of the institution. A deep committment towards innovation through personal and professional devlopment transformed ANUC into the only Ghanaian university to have a dedicated Faculty Development Programme. The lack of quality human resources was one the factors that fueled the inception of the programme that started back in 2005. This enabled the University to provide superior teaching and training, as well as having one the youngest faculty with the highest qualifications available. More than 100 faculty and staff benefited from the Programme, with 20 currently pursuing PHD studies at various universities in North America, Europe and Asia.